Faulty Roofing Installation and Maintenance Can Cost You Big

Even though it protects us from rain, sleet, sun, and hail, it is easy to forget about caring for your roof. Proper roofing installation and care are important to preventing future damage and repairs that can run a high bill. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent major damages. The first part of the battle is to educate yourself about common roof issues and proper preventative maintenance.LeaksLeaks are perhaps the most common and widely acknowledge problem associated with improper roofing installation or damage. Leaks allow moisture from humidity or storms to pool underneath the exterior. This presence of moisture makes a habitable environment for mold and can rot away wood structures. It’s important to check for leaks regularly, especially after large storms with high winds or hail. Foot traffic can also puncture your roof and cause leaks. If you have regular foot traffic on the roof for construction purposes, it would be wise to install extra supporting materials to prevent against any cracks or punctures.Ponding WaterA ponding water problem is when you have standing water that isn’t being properly drained off the roof. This can happen on low sloping or flat roofs. The presence of debris can also create places for standing water to accumulate. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately since it can lead to leaks, damage, and deterioration of roof materials and inside structures. Ponding water can also be a result of improper water drainage from an HVAC system. Make sure all water is being properly drained to prevent this issue.Pests and RodentsA family of raccoons, birds, or insects can do a world of damage to your roof and attic area. Tile roofs are especially vulnerable to pest infestation because they naturally have so many gaps. If you find yourself getting a continuing influx of pests in your roof area, consider looking into permanent sealing options. For smaller rodents, keep traps in the attic area at all times. For the removal of larger animals such as raccoons, call a local animal rescue.ShrinkageThe membrane that’s installed under the shingles or tiles (EPDM) can shrink and crack due to a number of different reasons. It’s important to check regularly for bubbles, wrinkles, and signs of shrinkage. If you discover a significant crack or blister, you’ll want to get it checked out and fixed as soon as possible.Lack of MaintenanceMost roofing problems stem from either improper installation or neglect. Every other part of your house needs inspection every once in a while, and the roof requires the same attention. You’ll be doing yourself a large favor in the future by educating yourself about roof maintenance and employing preventative measures.Remember to think of the roof as an equal part of the house. Since homeowners hardly ever have a reason to be on the roof, maintenance can fall to the bottom of the priority list. Unfortunately, a neglected roof can lead to major problems in the future that can be costly and troublesome.

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